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What Is Ebola?

The headlines look scary. “Liberia Shuts Schools as Ebola Spreads,” Reuters writes. “American Doctor Sick With Ebola Now Fighting for His Life,” NPR says. “Ebola Only a Plane Ride Away From USA,” USA TODAY warns.

Damage From BP’s Gulf Oil Spill Worse Than Previously Thought, Study Says

For months, much of the damage done by BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill four years ago was clearly visible on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. From Florida and Texas, oil slicks on the

Donald Sterling Loses Bid to Hang Onto Clippers

“This is the best thing,” Shelly Sterling told reporters Monday, after a judge ruled that she has the legal right to sell the Los Angeles Clippers – the basketball team that she and her estranged

UN Calls for ‘Immediate and Unconditional’ Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas

After another weekend of failed attempts to get Israel and Hamas to stop fighting one another, the United Nations Security Council said enough is enough. Early Monday, the Security Council approved a resolution calling for

Earth Is in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction, New Studies Say

The dodo bird. The passenger pigeon. The Caribbean monk seal. And the quagga. What do all of those species have in common? They’ve all become extinct – gone forever — within the past 500 years.

What Is It Like to Be Deaf?

“I think deafness is a disability,” a girl named CiCi says. “To me it’s not a disability at all,” says a girl named Isabella. Both CiCi and Isabella are deaf themselves. But they deal with

A Pit Bull Can Be a Lifesaver

Just ask 13-year-old Nick Lamb. On July 16, Nick was spending a lazy summer afternoon at his family’s home in Indianapolis, Indiana. At some point, he drifted off to sleep. Then, he says, he felt

A girl prepares to get her hair cut in order to donate it to Locks of Love.

Kids Share Their Hair

Ten-year-old Cayla Cowart had a friend named Lily – a girl she knew from cheerleading. For three years, Lily battled cancer – and lost her hair in the process. That prompted Cayla to donate some

A girl in Virginia prepares her sheep for a 4-H competition.

4-H: It’s Not Just for Farm Kids

Nine-year-old Anna Lawrence has been looking forward to this summer’s Montezuma County Fair. “I’d like to win Grand Champion with my horse, Fudgey,” she told the Cortez Journal, her local newspaper in Cortez, Colorado. Anna

What Summer Vacation? Some Kids Are Already Back in School

And we’re not talking summer school, either. While other kids were going to camp or the beach or some other vacation spot this week, Marcus Logan was starting fifth grade at Graham Elementary School in