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The Ebola patient in Dallas is being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Man Diagnosed With Ebola Virus Hospitalized in Texas

  For the first time, a person has been diagnosed with the potentially deadly Ebola virus here in the United States.   However, doctors say the patient was exposed to the virus in the West

New Report Says World Wildlife Population Has Dropped 50% Since 1970

  What if half of the world’s human population died off – or got killed off?   People would call it an international crisis.   It would be all over the news.   World leaders

He Played the Game the Right Way

Derek Jeter: He Played the Game the Right Way

  Anyone who knows baseball knows about the bitter rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.   So if what happened on Sunday afternoon at Boston’s Fenway Park doesn’t qualify as

What’s Up With All the Fireball Sightings?

  Bus driver Dora Trippett says she was standing outside the city bus depot in Lafayette, Indiana, Tuesday night, when something in the sky caught her eye – a big, bright red-orange ball that looked

A girl walks through a forest of pinwheels at a “peace park” in Paju, South Korea.

Kids Make Pinwheels for Peace

  Ten-year-old Legacy Brown says “peace” is not just a word.   “It’s a feeling,” she told the Herald-Mail, her hometown newspaper in Hagerstown, Maryland.  “So care for others.”   Legacy says she wrote those

Kids Make Their Own Shofars

  For 10-year-old Lindsay Rosichan of Longwood, Florida, the sound of the shofar is kind of like an alarm clock.   “It’s a wake-up call to get prepared,” she told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.  

Why Do the Leaves Change Color Every Autumn?

  It’s a sure sign that summer is over and winter is on the way.   And it happens every autumn.   Leaves that were once deep green turn red, yellow and bright orange.  

A raised hand painted to look like a rainbow flag.

Coming Out

“It was the happiest feeling,” Christine says. “I felt like an entire load was just lifted from my shoulders.”   “Before I came out, I felt really sad,” Lia tells us. “I felt depressed that

Welcome to the Year 5775

  Your calendar might still say it’s 2014.   But for Jews around the world, Wednesday night marked the beginning of the year 5775.   The holiday of Rosh Hashanah began at sunset on Wednesday.

Are You Reading a Banned Book?

If some people had their way, Harry Potter would not be welcome in your library.   Nor would Charlotte from “Charlotte’s Web” … or Jem, Scout and Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird.”