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New York Attorney General Cracks Down on Toy Gun Sales

  If New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has his way, you won’t get a toy gun as a gift this holiday season – or at any other time, either.   On Thursday, Schneiderman announced

Why is New Year’s Day January 1st?

Happy New Year!   You’ll probably say that over and over during this holiday season, without even thinking much about it.   But did you ever wonder why we celebrate the start of the new

Kids Learn About Kwanzaa

  Thalia Franklin can tell you a lot about the holiday of Kwanzaa.   “Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday that started in America,” she said, in an interview with Knoxville, Tennessee, TV station WVLT. “(But)

Dogs, Dolls and Soccer Balls – This Year’s Letters to Santa

Santa gets letters from millions of kids every year.   That’s a lot of letters!   But somehow, he almost always manages to get the requests straight.   Here’s a sampling of “Dear Santa” letters

New York Kids Celebrate Cuba’s Release of American Prisoner

  Leo Septon can tell you exactly how many days Alan Gross spent in a Cuban prison.   “Alan Gross was held captive in Cuba for 1,816 days,” said Leo, a fifth grader at the

Kids Collect Holiday Toys for Other Kids

  “It’s an opportunity to share all the things that we’ve been blessed with,” said Sadie Wright, a student at Fairhope Middle School in Fairhope, Alabama.   Sadie and her classmates reportedly collected more than

‘Innocent Children in School Have No Place in Horror Such as This’

  That was the reaction of 17-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, to the terrorist attack on a school in her homeland of Pakistan.   The attackers were members of a Muslim extremist group

Congress Messes With Your Lunch

  How’s the food in your school’s cafeteria?   A little salty?   Well, if it is, don’t look to Washington, D.C., for something more edible.   According to the New York Times, Time Magazine

A “no guns” sign

Two Years After Connecticut School Shootings, Anger, Sadness and Remembrance

  Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is angry.   And her anger is directed at many of the men and women who were once her co-workers in Congress.   What is she angry about?  

This photograph shows a meteor streaking across the sky near Victorville, California, during the 2009 Geminid meteor shower.

Last Major Meteor Shower of 2014 Peaks This Weekend

  The last meteor shower of the year was expected to peak late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.   It’s the Geminid meteor shower.   And at its peak, you might see as many