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Volcanic Rumblings on Iceland

  By its name, you might think that Iceland is nothing more than a frigid little island, sitting in the middle of the equally frigid North Atlantic Ocean.   But Iceland is not only an

More Evidence That Humans and Animals Aren’t So Different After All (Yawn!)

  You’ve seen it before, right?   One person yawns, and soon, just about everyone else around him starts yawning.   Scientists used to think that was a just a human thing.   Then, they

Some of the wreckage left behind by Hurricane Katrina

Remembering Hurricane Katrina, Nine Years Later

  Jermaine Ambrose was 13 years old when Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 29, 2005. He was separated from his mother and grandmother that day, according to the Sioux

California Kid Talks About Surviving an Earthquake

  Doctors say 13-year-old Nicholas Dillon won’t be able to walk for months.   He says he‘s grateful just to be alive.   “I can’t describe how thankful I am,” he said, according to the

The kids from the Jackie Robinson West little league team in Chicago, Illinois, won the U.S. National Championship at this year’s Little League World Series.

Little League National Champs Get Heroes’ Welcome in Chicago

  “I feel like a celebrity,” Darion Radcliff told the Associated Press (AP), looking out at the huge crowd of people who turned out to welcome him and his teammates home.   Darion was an

Doctors’ Group Says Middle and High Schools Should Start Classes Later

  School days start early for Joe’Lesia Bass.   “We leave the house around 7 a.m.,” said Joe’Lesia, a student at Guntown Middle School in Guntown, Mississippi, in an interview with Tupelo, Mississippi, TV station

Two dogs in a cage

Illinois Kids Get Tougher Animal Cruelty Law Passed

  These dogs in puppy mills, they can’t speak up for themselves,” Claire Hackmann said, according to the Illinois Radio Network. “So we have to be their voice.”   A puppy mill is a place

A Labor Day parade in Detroit, Michigan

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

  Chances are the first Monday in September is a day off from school for you.   If it is, you can thank a man named Peter McGuire.   Who’s Peter McGuire?   According to

Israel, Hamas Agree to ‘Open-Ended’ Cease-Fire

  There was cautious optimism Tuesday that the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas might finally be over.   The two sides agreed to a cease-fire – a deal that’s

Ferguson Kids Finally Go Back to School

  Twelve-year-old Brionna Hamilton said she was nervous and excited about starting a new school year on Monday. “I’ve been waiting so long for school to start back,” she said, in an interview with the