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Doctor Diagnosed With Ebola in New York City; Ebola Survivor Meets President Obama

  “I feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today,” Nina Pham told reporters at a Friday news conference.   Pham spoke after being released from the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center in

And Then There Were Six

  Suni was more than just a northern white rhinoceros.   He’s the animal you see in the picture above this story.   And as one of two remaining males of breeding age, he was

Teal Pumpkins Make Trick-or-Treating Safe for Kids With Allergies

Trick-or-treating is extra tricky for kids such as 8-year-old Alyssa Moore.   “If I eat corn, it will give me a bad stomach ache,” she told KYTV, one of the TV stations in her hometown

The Indian Festival of Lights

  When the days start getting short, lots of cultures have festivals designed to brighten the long nights.   In India, there’s a “festival of lights” known as Diwali (pronounced dee-VAH-lee) — a Hindu religious

The History of Halloween

Why do people dress up in costumes on October 31?   What’s the story behind “trick-or-treating?”   And what vegetable did people used to carve instead of pumpkins?   If you know the answers to

Why Can’t Carlos Go to School?

Most kids on New York’s Long Island have been back at school for nearly two months now.   But not 8-year-old Carlos Garcia Lobo.   It’s not that he doesn’t want to go to school.

Kids Try to Set a Reading Record

  Ask Jayonte Jones why you should read a book and he’ll give you a simple answer.   “Because it’s fun,” said Jayonte, a student at Hintgen Elementary School in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, in an interview

A picture of a partial solar eclipse, taken last November

Partial Solar Eclipse Coming Up This Week

  If you like astronomy, this is definitely your month.   The Orionid meteor shower is going on right now.   We’ve already had a lunar eclipse.   (Lunar = moon-related.)   And coming up

A picture of the Ebola virus, as seen under a microscope

Ebola Fears Keep New Jersey Kids Out of School

  It looks like Ebola ignorance has reared its ugly head at a New Jersey elementary school.   According to several media reports, Howard Yocum Elementary School in Maple Shade Township refused to allow two

Kids ducked under their desks during an earthquake drill at Cobb Elementary School in San Francisco three years ago.

Kids Learn What to Do if There’s an Earthquake

Mohammed Mahmud knows exactly what to do if there’s an earthquake in his hometown of Harrisonburg, Virginia.   “Gotta drop, cover and hold on!” said Mohammed, a fourth grader at Stone Spring Elementary School, in