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Members of the Kalamazoo Central High School’s class of 2010 at their graduation ceremony.

What if You Could Go to College for Free? For Kids in One Michigan City, That’s a Reality

  LaTasha James says she never seriously considered going to college when she was a kid – largely because she didn’t think that she and her mom would be able to pay for it. Then

The outside of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Bible Study Goes on as Scheduled Wednesday, at Church Where Nine Were Killed

  “Because of our faith, we have shown up once more again to declare that Jesus lives,” the Reverend Norvell Goff told the gathering. “And because he lives, we can face tomorrow.”   It was

Kids celebrating the Lunar New Year in New York City

Nation’s Largest School District Gives Kids a Day Off for Lunar New Year

  Monday, February 8th, will be a day off next year for kids who attend public schools in New York City. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that from now on, the Lunar New

The Confederate flag, flying on Monday in Columbia, South Carolina, on the grounds of the state’s capitol.

South Carolina Governor Orders Confederate Flag Taken Down at State Capitol

  To many white Southerners, it’s a defiant symbol of what they consider a proud past. But to many other people – people of all races – it’s a symbol of racism and hatred and

A girl rides in a small plane at an airport in Deer Valley, Arizona.

Teaching Kids That the Sky Is the Limit

  12-year-old Christian Kasdorf says, “Being up in the sky is kind of awesome.”   “I would like to be a pilot someday,” he told the Dakota County Star, the local newspaper in South Sioux

In Charleston, South Carolina, a girl and her mom walk toward Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, heading into services Sunday morning.

“The Doors of Mother Emanuel Are Open”

  Those were the words of the Reverend Norvel Goff on Sunday morning, at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.   It was that very same openness that allowed a deranged gunman

More Kids Take a Stand Against Bullying

  ZyAsia Towler says she knows what it feels like to be bullied.   “I was the new person in the classroom (at the time),” said ZyAsia, in an interview with Durham, North Carolina, TV

What is the Summer Solstice?

  Flowers love sunlight.   And they get a lot of it around this time of year.   In fact, in the coming week, you’ll see more hours and minutes of sunlight per day than

Kids stand in front of a row of memorial flowers and balloons outside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Disturbed Gunman Kills Nine at South Carolina Church

  Fifteen-year-old Hikaym Rivers had a message for the suspect on Thursday night – a message he wrote on a handmade sign, according to the New York Times.   “Your evil doing did not break

Pope Francis Speaks Forcefully About Climate Change

  “The Earth – our home – increasingly seems to be transforming itself into an immense garbage dump.”   That’s one of the observations made by Pope Francis, in a statement he was expected to