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A Day to Celebrate the Constitution

  Freedom of speech.   Freedom of religion.   The right to vote.   Those are just some of the important things we enjoy as Americans, thanks to the United States Constitution.   On Wednesday,

The temperature in parts of southern California has soared to 100 degrees or higher this week.

Too Cool for School? Not in Southern California!

  “It’s hard to concentrate,” said Elliott Blankenship, a student at McKinley Elementary School in San Diego, California, in an interview with San Diego TV station KSWB. “It’s just hard to even do anything.”  

Fireballs Light Up Night Sky in East and West

  “The flashes were so bright that it caused shadows in our yard,” said a witness from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, according to the Star-Ledger, the local newspaper in Newark, New Jersey.   “It was really bright

A replica of the Star-Spangled Banner that inspired Francis Scott Key, flying next to the Battle Monument in Baltimore, Maryland, over the weekend

A Star-Spangled Celebration, 200 Years in the Making

  “Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light,” Francis Scott Key wrote on the morning of September 14, 1814.   And the words flowed from there.   The War of 1812 was

Northern Lights Head South, Thanks to Solar Flare

  If you live in the Northeast, the Midwest, the Northern Plains or the Northwest, you might see an unusual glow in the nighttime sky this weekend.   It’s a phenomenon called the Northern Lights

‘Half Duck, Half Crocodile’ – The Latest Big Dinosaur Discovery

  It lived around 97 million years ago, scientists say.   It was approximately 50 feet long.   It paddled around like a duck.   And it ate sharks.   That’s a description of the

A New Dr. Seuss Book!

  A kid who shows up for school at 11 o’clock in the morning – without a good excuse.   A grinch who sells people things they don’t need.   And a heretofore unknown species

When It Comes to Taekwondo, This Girl Is For Real

Ten-year-old Natalie Hershberger can kick it with the best of them.   How good is she?   So good that you might see her in the 2020 Olympics.   At least that’s what she’s shooting

Fall Is Almost Here

  It might still feel warm right now – at least in some parts of the country.   But in the not-so-distant future, your parents might have you raking leaves like these kids.   On

President: ‘We Will Hunt Down Terrorists Who Threaten Our Country Wherever They Are’

  President Obama had a message Wednesday night for the extremists who’ve taken control of large sections of Iraq and Syria.   “We will degrade and ultimately destroy (you),” he said, during a nationally televised