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Her Name is Charlotte

  Officially, Britain’s newest princess is now Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.   But she’ll also go by Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor – if you insist on using her middle and last names

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, leaving a London hospital on Saturday with their newborn daughter

Prince George Gets a Little Sister

  The little princess won’t remember her first public appearance.   After all, she slept right through it.   At least that’s the way it looked, as Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge left a London

Kids Try to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

  Dipika Pandey says Nepal is “so cool.”   “Everybody’s nice to you,” she told KLTV, one of the TV stations in her hometown of Longview, Texas. “And you can go wherever you want because

Mother's Day is a busy day for flower shops.

How Mom Got Her Own Special Day

  Cards and flowers.   Breakfast in bed.   A special dinner.   Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10.   And those are just some of the things a lot of kids

Texas Kids Bring Home National Chess Championship

  Leo Gonzalez was excited about going to the National Junior High Chess Championships in Louisville, Kentucky.   But he didn’t make any bold predictions — even after he and his teammates from El Paso’s

Twelve-year-old Osman Yahya of Salisbury, Maryland, moderated an Internet town hall meeting with President Obama on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Maryland Kid Keeps the President Moving

  Not many kids get a chance to hang out with President Obama – unless you’re Malia or Sasha, of course.   But on Thursday, a kid from Salisbury, Maryland, got that chance.   And

Meteor Shower Linked to Famous Comet Peaks This Week

  That comet is Halley’s Comet – one of the most famous comets in the Universe.   Every May, tiny, dusty particles of ice and rock from the tail of Halley’s Comet enter the Earth’s

What If There Were a Baseball Game and Nobody Came?

  The runs still counted.   So did the hits and errors.   Some people thought it was an error to have the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox play at all on Wednesday, given

A Kid and His Mom: A Baltimore Story

  Protesting is your constitutional right.   However, you do not have a constitutional right to burn down someone else’s building or steal someone else’s property.   In Baltimore, Maryland, Monday, when frustrations over the

Kids in a tent, camping out with family members in a park in Kathmandu, Nepal

United Nations: Nearly One Million Kids Affected by Nepal Earthquake

  That’s the word from UNICEF, the U.N. organization that focuses on kids’ welfare.   And many of those kids will sleep tonight in cold, wet tents.   Some of them no longer have a