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Graham Moore, seen here, won the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for the movie, “The Imitation Game.”

Academy Award Winner Has Message for Kids

  When it comes to speeches by Oscar winners at the Academy Awards, you never quite know what you’re going to hear until you hear it.   Most winners thank just about everyone they’ve ever

Beagle Wins ‘Best in Show’ at America’s Premier Dog Competition

    The finalists paraded around the floor of New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden like models on a catwalk.   Only they weren’t models – or cats.   They were dogs.   There

Welcome to the Year of the Sheep – Or Is It Goat? Or Ram?

  This month, Jinxin Weng got a chance to share her Chinese culture with her classmates at the Blythebourne School in the Borough Park section of New York City.   She and some of her

Valentines for veterans, made by kids at Middleton Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland

Kids Send Valentines to Veterans and Service Members Over Seas

  Eleven-year-old Olivia Golembiewski and her 9-year-old sister, Jade, want to make sure that the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces know that people back home care.   “They miss being

A Birthday Present from Dr. Seuss

This year, Monday, March 2, is the 111th anniversary of the birth of one of America’s best-known writers.   His name was Theodore Geisel.   But chances are you know him by another name –

The Jackie Robinson West All Stars, celebrating last summer at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Grown-ups’ Actions Cost Chicago Little Leaguers Their US Championship

  “We weren’t involved in anything that could have caused us to be stripped of our championship,” said Brandon Green, the catcher for the Jackie Robinson West All Stars, speaking in front of reporters on

Ten-year-old Ale Mineo-Levitsky, smiling through the snow

How Snowy Is Boston? Some Kids Now ‘Stressed Out’ by Snow Days!

  As the picture above this story shows, 10-year-old Ale Mineo-Levitsky managed to crack a smile during the latest snowstorm to hit Boston, Massachusetts.   But other kids have had enough.   “With all of

Government Launches Program to Save Butterfly from Extinction

Logan Rago says the thought of monarch butterflies becoming extinct makes him sad.   “That’s why I want to do anything I can to help save them,” said Logan, a fifth grader at Michael Collins

These sea lion pups were rescued and taken to Sea World’s San Diego Animal Rescue Center in southern California.

Sea Lion Pups Once Again Washing Up on California Coast

  They’re coming in by the hundreds.   And no one seems to know exactly why.   Whatever the reason, for the third straight winter, young sea lions are turning up, desperately hungry, without their

Charlie Sifford

Black History: The Man They Called ‘The Jackie Robinson of Golf’

In his autobiography, golf legend Charlie Sifford wrote about meeting Jackie Robinson – the African-American man who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947.   At that time, Sifford was trying to do the