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Mystery Surrounds The Germanwings Airbus That Crashed In Southern France Killing All On Board

Mystery Surrounding Plane Crash Deepens

  A report late Wednesday by the New York Times raised new questions about what happened in the moments before a Germanwings jet crashed into the French Alps.   According to the Times report, one

A sign at Yosemite National Park in California

Kids Help Kick Off Yosemite Celebration

  To 12-year-old Lasen Andrews, Yosemite National Park represents life itself.   “The deer, the squirrels with bushy tails, the coyotes, the birds and the bears,” he said, reading off the names of some of

Kids Celebrate Science at the White House

  Fourteen-year-old Trisha Prabhu has made it her mission to stop bullying – especially cyberbullying.   “I have been cyberbullied when I was younger,” she told the Daily Herald, one of her hometown newspapers in

Early Beachgoers at the Jersey Shore

  It might not feel like beach weather to you just yet.   Then again, you’re not a seal.   “We’ve been getting sightings every day,” said Bob Schoelkopf, the director of the Marine Mammal

World Water Day: Think Before You Drink

  “For millions of children worldwide, the absolute lack of clean water is the norm. It’s all they know,” said Tommy Kelly, an eighth grader at Patton Middle School in East Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania, in

Kentucky Kid Tries to Make Shelter Animals Feel at Home

  Eight-year-old Parker Willman says he feels like he was born with a love of animals.   “I love animals because they’re so playful and cute,” he told Cincinnati, Ohio, TV station WCPO. “(And) they

A pizza shop in Rome, Italy

Virginia Kid Creates Her Own Travel Website – Pizza Reviews Included

  If you ever travel to Italy, don’t miss a chance to eat the pizza in Rome.   At least, that’s what Ayonnah Tinsley would probably tell you.   “The cheese was totally delicious,” Ayonnah

The Washington Monument, with cherry blossoms in the foreground, in April of last year

It’s Cherry Blossom Festival Time in Washington, DC – Even if the Blossoms Aren’t Ready

  The National Cherry Blossom Festival has begun in Washington, D.C.   And it’s expected to draw two million people to the nation’s capital before it ends April 12.   There’s just one problem.  

Lights Out! Earth Hour is Coming

  Can you pick out the Empire State Building in this photograph?   It’s one of the tallest and most famous landmarks in New York City.   And on just about every night, it’s lit

Dallas Seavey, seen here with one of his dogs after winning the 2014 Iditarod, won it again on Wednesday.

Dog-Sledding Dynasty Dominates the Iditarod

  If the Seaveys aren’t already the first family of sled dog racing, then they’re well on their way to becoming that.   On Wednesday, for the third time in four years, Dallas Seavey won