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Prince George Turns One

One year ago this week, much of the world’s attention was focused on London, England – specifically, a London hospital where a certain duchess was about to give birth to a possible future king. On

A boy in northern India splashes himself with water from a river last month, to try to stay cool.

Last Month Was Hottest June on Record, Experts Say

If the headline on this story looks familiar to you, there’s a reason. Scientists say May 2014 was the hottest May on record, too. How hot was it last month? In the city of Jammu,

A Bloody Sunday in Gaza for Palestinians and Israelis

Sunday was the deadliest day so far for both Israelis and Palestinians, in their latest conflict. Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed by Hamas fighters in Gaza. And at least 87 Palestinians were killed in Israeli

Minnesota Kid Performs Piano Recital for Hundreds – On His Front Porch!

Tommy Rehbein says he saw the sign while biking through his neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Free concert by Dylan Spoering,” it said, according to a report by NBC News.  “2:30-3:20 pm.” “I have no idea

Hundreds Killed in Plane Crash in Ukraine

In Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, the shrine of flowers, candles and teddy bears grew larger and larger outside the Embassy of the Netherlands Thursday night. Earlier in the day, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 – flying

Middle School Kids Get Big Recording Contract

When Alec Atkins, Jarad Dawkins and Malcolm Brickhouse head back to school later this year, they’re going to have something that none of their classmates is likely to have – a recording contract. Alec, Jarad

A red panda

Kids Spend the Summer Learning About Animals

Chances are you know what a giant panda looks like. But did you know that the animal in the picture above this story is a red panda – a distant relative? “We don’t think many

A girl reads with two younger kids.

Kids Learn the Basics of Babysitting

Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Torres says she has learned a lot this summer about babysitting. “I learned that you have to watch the kids,” she said, in an interview with the Ravalli Republic, the local newspaper in

Grief in Gaza: Four Boys Killed in Israeli Attack Gone Wrong

They were cousins – all members of the Bakr family, according to media reports, all between the ages of nine and 11 years old. Mohammad, Ismail, Zakariya and Ahed al-Bakr all went to the beach

A plastic bottle, floating in the Pacific Ocean off Santa Monica, California

Island of Plastic Growing in Pacific Ocean, Researchers Say

Think about all the plastic in our lives. Plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic plates. Those forks and spoons in your school cafeteria? Probably plastic. For better or for worse, plastic seems to be everywhere –