A Cat as a Crossing Guard?

Can a black cat stop traffic?  In West Richland, Washington, a cat named Sable can!

Every day, before and after classes, the student crossing guards at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, Washington, watch over their classmates, making sure everyone gets across the street safely.

But they’re not the only ones watching.

Every day, before and after school, a little black cat watches over them.

His name is Sable.

And he’s become a crossing guard as well.

“The cat just showed up one day,” said Monti Franckowiak, the school’s safety patrol adviser, in an interview with ABC News.  “It doesn’t miss a day.”

Sable is so dedicated that his owner even bought him his own safety patrol vest, according to Kennewick, Washington, TV station KVEW.

“He just (keeps) going out there,” said Tamara Morrison, Sable’s owner, in an interview with KVEW reporter Josh Peterson.  “He just (hangs) out there and just (can’t) wait to be next to the kids.”

And by all accounts, the kids can’t wait to be next to Sable.

“In the afternoons, when I work, it’s always come out and like rubbed up against our feet,” said Enterprise safety patrol member Caleb Wolf, in an interview with KVEW.

“He just loves to be around us, I guess,” said fellow safety patrol member Emily Goodnight.

No one is sure why Sable decided to become a crossing guard.

The Morrisons told the Yakima Herald that they used to live near another school.

But they said Sable never showed an interest in his new line of work until they moved into a house near Enterprise Middle School around a year ago.

Now, he’s out there every day, like clockwork.

“(In the morning,) he just knows when to be out there (and) knows when to go back in,” Franckowiak told KVEW.  “And then in the afternoon, he knows when to be out and (when) it’s time to go again.  He’s just out there like the students are, whether it’s raining or snowing or real hot and sunny.”

“He just brightens up the kids’ day,” Morrison told the Herald.

“It’s really cool,” said safety patrol member Courtney Budge, in an interview with KVEW.  “You’re never disappointed.”