California Kid Wants to Save the World – One Can and Bottle at a Time

Bottles at a recycling center Twelve-year-old Avery Sax has a motto she lives by:  “Wish it.  Dream it.  Do it.”

“You can make a difference,” she told the Ventura County Star, her local newspaper in Moorpark, California.  “It’s important to put dreams into action.”

And when Avery dreams, she dreams big.

She has reportedly launched a campaign to collect one million bottles and cans to recycle by the next Earth Day – April 22nd, 2013.

That would be an ambitious goal for any kid.

But for Avery, it’s even more ambitious.

The reason?

She’s fighting a life-threatening condition at the same time.

According to the Star, Avery has an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in her brain – vessels that could burst and cause deadly bleeding.

Doctors have reportedly used radiation to try to treat the condition.

But they say there’s no way they can remove the blood vessels without doing more harm than good.

Avery told Star reporter Michele Willer-Allred that she has “great days and not-as-great days.”

“(But) I don’t have bad days,” she added.  “(And) I never think about dying.  I think about living.”

Avery has launched a number of projects to collect all those recyclables.

For example, she asked that people bring bottles and cans to a Hanukkah festival in Moorpark on December 9th, in order to make “the world’s first ever recycled menorah,” according to the Star.

And earlier this month, she asked people to bring bottles and cans to a special ice-skating party.

According to Avery, skating is a lot like life itself.

“(It) looks beautiful,” she told the Star.  “It’s glamorous.  You glide on the ice.  And it’s so much fun.  And then you fall.  And it’s cold and hard and uncomfortable.

“The only thing you can do is get back up,” she continued.

And that’s exactly what Avery has done.

“You need to have faith in yourself to get back up and to go on,” she said, “and live your life to the fullest.