A Royal Baby – Maybe Two

Prince William and his wife, formerly known as Kate Middleton

You’ll have to excuse them if they treat the baby like a little prince or princess.

After all, that’s exactly what the child will be.

The British Royal Family officially announced Monday that Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first child.

The family’s statement revealed no other details, except that the Duchess – formerly known as Kate Middleton – is fewer than 12 weeks pregnant.

That means she’s been pregnant for fewer than three months, if the math is correct.

If it is, the baby would be born around the middle of next year.

On Monday, the Duchess checked into a London hospital.

She’s reportedly suffering from what’s described as a severe form of morning sickness – that nauseated feeling that many women get in the early months of pregnancy.

That has prompted speculation that she might be expecting twins.

But as of Tuesday morning, no one had confirmed that.

Prince William and the Duchess got married in April of last year, in a lavish ceremony witnessed by as many as two billion people around the world.

(“Lavish” is another word for “rich” or “ritzy.”)

And ever since, people have been watching closely for signs that a royal baby was on the way.

The couple’s first child will automatically become the third in line to inherit the British throne.

That means if something were to happen to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William, the baby would become the king or queen.

However, Elizabeth celebrated 60 years as Queen earlier this year.

And even at the age of 86, she appears to be in good health.

So if this baby ever does become king or queen, it’s likely to be many, many years from now.

Just last week, during a visit to the city of Cambridge, England, someone gave Prince William a homemade baby suit bearing the words, “Daddy’s Little Co-Pilot.”

Nobody outside the Royal Family knew for sure at the time at the Duchess was pregnant.

But right after he was handed the suit, the Prince reportedly said, “I’ll keep that.”

“(William) has always talked about wanting children,” said author Claudia Joseph, in an interview with Reuters news service.  “So I am sure he is delighted.”

Joseph has written a biography about the Duchess.

(A biography is a life story.)

“We have seen her with children,” Joseph told Reuters.  “She is lovely with them.”

The royal couple has gotten congratulation notes from people around the world.

“It feels like a Christmas present for the nation!” said Ravian Van Den Hil, a Dutch student who’s studying in London, in an interview with the Associated Press (AP).

However, not all Britons appreciate the attention the news is getting.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing,” said Stephen Jowitt, in an interview with the AP.  “It re-enforces a class system.”

(A class system is a system where some people are treated better than others, based on how wealthy and powerful their families are.)

If other Brits were feeling the same way on Monday, they mostly kept it to themselves.

“It’s something everyone can look forward to,” said Johanna Castle, speaking about the baby’s upcoming arrival in an interview with Reuters.

“It makes me feel quite happy,” Van Den Hil added.