Kids Show Their Appreciation to the Military

Kids across the country are doing things to show their gratitude to members of the US Armed Forces during this holiday season.

Emily Siegfried comes from a military family. Her dad is overseas right now. So she knows how hard it is to be separated from someone you love.

“Especially during the holidays, when it means so much to be together,” she said, in an interview with WAVY-TV.

Emily is a fifth grader at Princess Anne Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Va. This month, she and her classmates showed their appreciation for members of the Armed Forces by performing a holiday concert at Oceana Naval Air Station’s Dam Neck Annex.

All around the country, kids are thinking about the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are away from home this holiday season – and coming up with ways to express their gratitude.

At Macon Hall Elementary School in Cordova, Tenn., kids and teachers put together 52 boxes to send to soldiers serving in Iraq right now, according to Memphis TV station WMC. The boxes reportedly contained everything from Christmas trees, lights and decorations to homemade fudge.

“They brought everything that you could imagine to put in the box,” Macon Hall teacher Lori Scott sad in an interview with WMC-TV anchor Kym Clark.

“Christmas (is) not for receiving, it’s for giving,” Macon Hall fifth grader Jeia Moore added.

And at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic School in Lake Zurich, Ill., a group of seventh-graders and their religion teacher created a “Book of Thanks” for the troops, according to the Lake Zurich Courier.

“The soldiers are sacrificing their lives for us to live our great lives that we live today,” seventh-grader Tony Bahner said, in an interview with reporter Jenna Haskitt.

“I think I’ve taken what they do for granted,” seventh-grader Kayla Ryan added.  “And now that I know all they do, it’s really important to all of us that we know how important they are.”

“We will pray for you and the families that you left behind that you will soon be reunited at your own table,” Kayla reportedly wrote in the “Book of Thanks.”

Whether it’s words, music or homemade fudge, kids are giving the nation’s military men and women something to feel good about this holiday season.

“Seeing these kids, they brought a lot of joy,” Branden Campbell, a Marine based at Dam Neck, said, speaking with WAVY-TV’s Walter Hildebrand after the concert.  “It’s going to make the holiday season a lot more warm.”