Florida Boy Saves Mom’s Life

An ambulance outside a hospital

Thirteen-year-old Hunter Graham knew something was wrong.

His mother was driving him and a friend home from school one day last month when she started slurring her words.

“Mom, are you OK?” he asked her, according to the News-Press, the local newspaper in their hometown of Cape Coral, Florida.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” his mom, Bridgett Graham responded.

Only she wasn’t fine.

“I started sweating profusely,” she recalled, in an interview with Fort Myers, Florida, TV station WBBH.  “And then I felt like I was going to pass out.”

She also told Hunter she was having chest pains – pain that was shooting down her arms.

Mrs. Graham might not have realized what was going on.

But Hunter says he knew.


Because he paid attention in his sixth-grade health class last year.

“Mister Montag taught me what the symptoms of a heart attack were,” Hunter told WBBH reporter Meaghan Smith.  “When she said that she had pain in her chest and it was shooting through her arms, that was one of the signs.”

Mrs. Graham managed to pull off the road.

She then asked Hunter to call his father.

But Hunter didn’t listen to her.

“I’m calling 911,” he said, according to the News-Press.

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived and took them to a hospital nearby.

But when they got to the hospital, things got worse before they got better.

Mrs. Graham’s heart actually stopped beating.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to revive her.

“They told my son …  if he had called my husband first, I would not have made it,” Mrs. Graham told WBBH.

“Everyone at the hospital talked about how (well) Hunter handled the situation and how mature he was,” she added, in an interview with News-Press reporter Cristela Guerra.

Hunter admits he was scared.

But he says he knew what he had to do.

And he did it.

How was he able to hold himself together?

“It’s my mom,” he told the News-Press.

Later that night, when Hunter and his dad were allowed into the hospital room to see his mom, he says the first words out of their mouths were, “I love you.”

“He’s my hero and my angel,” Mrs. Graham told WBBH.

She’s now back at home, continuing to recover.

As for Hunter, he’s glad he listened to Mister Montag in his health class last year.

And he’s glad he didn’t listen to his mom the day of the heart attack, when she told him to call his dad.

“Yeah,” he told WBBH, chuckling.  “It’s the only time I can say that.”