Kids Help Kids Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Kids walk through the rubble in New York City’s Breezy Point neighborhood.

Ten-year-old Zach Stachura lives in Austin, Texas – a long way from the East Coast.

But while watching the news, he saw the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused late last month in New York and New Jersey.

And he decided he had to help the people affected by the storm.

“Mom,” he said, according to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.  “I want to donate my candy to the people on the East Coast.”

Zach was talking about his Halloween candy – the candy he collected while trick-or-treating.

Across the country, kids are reaching out to help Sandy’s victims – not only with candy but also with money and other desperately needed things.

At Hamilton Central School in Hamilton, New York, a group of seventh-graders decided to send goodie bags to kids in New York City neighborhoods that Sandy devastated, according to Utica, New York, TV station WKTV.

In addition to candy, each bag reportedly contained a homemade card and a riddle.

Utica is about a 240-mile drive northwest of New York City – far enough to be out of Sandy’s path.

“We’re hoping that it will make them feel happy and lift their spirits,” said one Hamilton Central student.

And in Bedford, Virginia, Morgan Meador and her dad dropped off some sweet donations at their church, according to Roanoke, Virginia, TV station WSLS.

“It feels a lot better giving instead of receiving,” she told WSLS reporter Morgan Donnelly.

In Austin, Zach and his mom figured out a way to turn his candy into cash.

According to the American-Statesman, Zach’s orthodontist was offering to buy up kids’ candy collections for a dollar a pound.

So Zach collected candy from his friends, neighbors, classmates – even his little brother.

In the end, he reportedly wound up bringing 108 pounds of candy to the orthodontist’s office.

“Two big garbage bags,” he told the American-Statesman.  “It took about 25 minutes to weigh it.”

Zach’s orthodontist was reportedly so impressed with his generosity that she matched it with a donation of her own.

Because of that, Zach and his mom say they were able to donate $216 to the Red Cross.

That might not sound like a lot of money when you’re talking about all the destruction Sandy caused.

But if everybody donated even a fraction of that amount, it would add up to something really big.

Zach’s mom told the American-Statesman she thinks what he did is “really awesome.”

“I’m just really happy I could do something like this,” Zach said.