Kids Learn How to Overcome Their Fears

“Mostly my whole life I’ve been worrying,” a kid named Tobias says.  “I don’t know how to stop it.”

“When I was maybe 12, I started getting really severe panic attacks,” a girl named Juliana says.  “I just felt really scared because I didn’t know what was going on.”

“I had to stop going to school,” a girl named Claire says.  “I was pretty much paralyzed.”

Paralyzed with worry, that is.

Tobias, Juliana and Claire are among the millions of people who’ve had anxiety disorders – worries and fears they felt they could not control.

But today, they’re learning how to face their fears – and overcome them.


That’s the focus of the next edition of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.

It’s called “Worried Sick: Living With Anxiety.”

Tobias, Juliana, Claire and other kids will talk about how they took back control of their lives.

And you’ll hear from the doctors who helped them.

“Anxiety is a learned response,” says Doctor Dan Villiers, a doctor who treats kids with anxiety disorders.  “And therefore, it can be unlearned.”

Kids who have anxiety disorders often feel isolated and alone.

But the truth is, they’re not.

And it’s also true that you don’t have to let your fears control your life.

“You learn that anxiety usually isn’t as big a deal as what you think it is,” Juliana says.

In today’s world, it seems like more and more kids and feeling more and more anxious.

But there’s a way out of that world of anxiety.

“It can be different,” says Doctor Leslie Walker, another doctor who works with kids who have anxiety disorders.  “It can be better.”

You can find out how to get there – or how to help someone else get there — by watching the premiere of “Worried Sick:  Living With Anxiety.”

It premieres on Tuesday, September 24th at 8 PM (Eastern & Pacific) on Nickelodeon.

(If you live in a different time zone, check your local cable TV listings to find out when the show will be on where you live.)

“Now I think I can get better,” Juliana says.  “I know I can get better.”