What Is It Like to Be a Twin?

“It’s like having a sleepover party with your best friend every night,” a girl named Olivia tells us.

“It’s a lot of fun,” says her twin sister Victoria.

That’s what being a twin means to them – but not to Val and Ally.

“We don’t like sharing,” Ally told us.

“And too many people get us mixed up,” Val added.

What makes a twin a twin?

What’s the difference between identical and fraternal?

And how do twins deal with things such as sibling rivalry, carving out their own identities — and stupid questions?

“Sometimes, people ask us if we’re identical,” a girl named Taylor says, speaking about her and her twin brother Torrance.  “And I just feel as if they need to be slapped.”

Get the answers to those and other questions from twins themselves, on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee’s next half-hour special.

It’s called, “Twinsanity!”

You’d be surprised what misconceptions some people have about twins.

“A lot of people think twins have special powers,” a girl named Athena says.

“People think we can talk with our minds across a room without like saying anything,” says another girl, Divya.

“One of the myths that people think to be true is that if one (twin) gets hit, the other one feels it,” a boy named Colby says.

The truth is that even though twins share a common bond and a birthday, they’re still individuals.

And they don’t always feel the same way about the same things.

Take, for example, Athena, her twin sister, Phaedra, and chocolate.

“We share a cake for our birthday,” Athena says.

“And since she doesn’t like chocolate, I have to give up chocolate,” Phaedra tells us, unhappily.

Find out more about the pleasures and pains of being a twin on “Twinsanity!” premiering Tuesday, August 27 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) on Nickelodeon.

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Whether you have chocolate is up to you.