Extreme Heat Expected to Ease Up This Week – A Little

Kids playing in a fountain in Baltimore, Maryland

Six months from now, when it’s 20 degrees and snowing, we might be wishing for this.

But right now, a lot of people are saying, “Enough!¬† Enough with the heat!”

Temperatures soared past 100 Friday and Saturday in parts of the country where people aren’t used to that.

New York City hit a record high of 104 degrees Friday.

A short distance away, in Newark, New Jersey, it was even hotter – an all-time record high of 108!

And a little further south, in Baltimore, Maryland, the temperature reportedly hit a record of 105.

That’s why 12-year-old Japrea Parker and her 9-year-old sister, Janae, decided to cool off by jumping into a fountain.

Those cities weren’t alone.

As far north as New England, people were doing whatever they could to try to cool off – going to the beach, going to air-conditioned malls and theaters, even opening up fire hydrants and dancing in the spray.

By Sunday, the temperatures were a little cooler – but not much.

The cooling trend in the Northeast was expected to continue on Monday, with highs dropping into the 80s in the New York City area and maybe even the 70s in New England.

But other parts of the country are baking as well.

And for them, there’s no relief in sight.

In Oklahoma, Texas, and some other states in the nation’s midsection, temperatures have been over 100 for most of the past month.

And there’s also a severe drought in much of Texas, which means there has been little or no rain to cool things off.

Chicago, Illinois got a record amount of rain Saturday – approximately seven inches in a single day!

But still, there were at least eight heat-related deaths in Chicago as of late Sunday morning, according to the Associated Press (AP), and more than a dozen heat-related deaths nationwide.

Many of the people who’ve died are elderly.

But doctors say kids are also more sensitive to the heat.

So it’s important to drink lots of water on these hot summer days.

Swimming is a good way to cool off, too, so long as a lifeguard is on duty.

New York City and a number of other communities extended their pool hours over the weekend.

And don’t forget the sunscreen, either.

Doctors say kids burn more easily than grownups.

If you start to feel dizzy, confused or nauseated, get help right away – especially if you stop sweating.

That’s a sign of a serious heat-related illness.

Another important thing to remember:  never play inside a parked car during the summer.

And make sure your little brothers and sisters stay out, too.

During the summer, a parked car can turn into an oven in just a few minutes.

And if you can’t get out, you could die.

But as long as you play it smart, there’s no reason not to have fun — even during a heat wave.

After all, summer doesn’t last forever.