Animal Rights … Or Wrongs?

A rabbit in a laboratory

Nine-year-old Liviya says she owes her life to animals — and not just any animals.

Liviya has a life-threatening illness.

That’s why she’s grateful for laboratory animals – animals that are used to test medications before they’re given to humans.

“Without animal testing, they wouldn’t know if my treatment would work,” she says.   “(And) without treatment, I would probably have passed away.”

But to other kids, saving human lives doesn’t justify potentially hurting or killing animals.

“I think animal testing is cruel and unnecessary,” 16-year-old Lilia says.  “I mean, just because we have the ability to do that to them doesn’t mean that we have a right to.”

Who’s right?



Both of them?

Or neither?

On July 1, you’ll have a chance to make up your mind.

That’s when Nickelodeon will premiere the next edition of “Nick News With Linda Ellerbee.”

It’s called “Animal Rights … Or Wrongs?”

You’ll hear from kids who support the use of animals for testing — not just for medical treatments, but for other products used by humans, too.

“Animal testing can actually help animals as well – not just humans,” a girl named Princess says.

You’ll also hear from kids who are actively fighting to stop all animal testing.

“It’s wrong.  It’s horrifying.  It’s heartless,” a girl named Hashaqueena says.  “And I feel like we can make a change.”

What do the animals have to say?

Unfortunately, they don’t speak our language.

“They can’t yell, ‘Stop,’” a girl named J’Lynn says.  “They can’t say, ‘I don’t like this,’ or ‘It’s not comfortable for me.’”

But if we stop all drug testing on animals, what happens to kids such as Liviya?

Think about that while you watch “Animal Rights … Or Wrongs?” the next edition of “Nick News with Linda Ellerbee,” on Tuesday, July 1 at 8 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific).

(If you live in another time zone beside Eastern or Pacific, check your local cable TV listings to find out when the show will be on in your community.)

The answers are up to you.