Kentucky Kids Get Anti-Bullying Bill Introduced

The state capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky

Bailee Banober says kids should not be afraid to come to school.

“I think they should come to school with no worries at all,” said Bailee, a seventh-grader at Madison Middle School in Richmond, Kentucky, in an interview with the Richmond Register newspaper.  “School should be a safe place for learning and making new friends, not to be afraid.”

If Bailee and other kids at Madison get their way, that anti-bullying message will spread across their entire state.

The kids decided they wanted to get October officially proclaimed “Anti-Bullying Month” in Kentucky.

So they contacted one of their state lawmakers.

And they pushed for legislation that would do just that.

(“Legislation” is another word for a bill.  In politics, a bill is a proposal to create a new law.)

On Wednesday, Kentucky state Representative Rita Smart visited the school, according to the Register.

And she told the kids that the legislation had been introduced.

House Bill 35 would not only make every October “Anti-Bullying Month” in Kentucky.

It would also make the month’s official colors purple and yellow – Madison Middle School’s colors.

“(The bill) will create an awareness of the problem of bullying,” Smart told Register reporter Crystal Wylie.  “I think it’s very important (that) we keep it before legislators and before our state.”

Smart praised the kids and grownups at Madison for working to focus attention on the problem.

“It’s an ongoing problem that needs to be faced head-on,” she said, according to the Register.

“Bullying is such a big issue right now,” added assistant principal Scott Anderson.  “We at Madison Middle want to be proactive.”

(Being “proactive” means taking steps to prevent something so it won’t happen.)

Bailee told the Register that she still sees bullying sometimes at her school.

“But now that we have done all this, I think people are starting to get to the point to stop,” she said.

She also told Wylie she hopes that Madison Middle School will be a “role model school” for kids across Kentucky.

“We shouldn’t (bully) anymore,” she said.